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About Godney Amateur Dramatic Society (GADS)

Officially formed in March 2003 after the resounding success of its inaugural production of the pantomime Cinderella, GADS has now completed twenty six productions. Fourteen years on, the group continues to grow from production to production, strengthening its reputation in the local community and is now in a position to stage at least two and sometimes three productions annually. It is a non-profit making organization ploughing every penny gained from ticket sales into new productions or equipment. The support of our paying audience is therefore paramount and gratefully acknowledged.

The group is village-based and encourages youngsters and newcomers to join its ranks.  All village residents are automatically full members of GADS and associate membership is given to those living outside the village. All membership is entirely free.

The group currently meets in Godney Village Hall Annexe on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm for an open committee meeting. If there is no production in rehearsal we try to follow the meeting with play readings or workshops, although these often take place on different nights or in different locations, allowing those members with neither the time nor the inclination to appear in a full production still to be involved in theatre. The meetings are additionally useful as a social get together with like-minded acquaintances and friends.

Whether you want to act or to utilize your backstage or design talents, whether you have a lot of spare time or a little, whether you are young or younger, everyone is more than welcome. We are proud of the fact that every one of our productions has introduced people new to the group and in some cases new to theatre. Why not you? If you would like more information just contact one of the committee members, join us on Facebook, ring us on 07555 894 765 or keep an eye on this website. Apart from using jungle drums or smoke signals there is not a lot more we can do!



Artistic Coordinator

Technical Coordinator
Stephen Blair

Elaine Howard

Janet Chaplin

Communication & Publicity Coordinator
Emma Yeats

Stephen Blair

General Committee
Jacki Watts
Clare Munday
Arran Blair

GADS information email: info@gadssomerset.org.uk